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Handmade with Love

Love by Kaveri is an expression of love for all things creative, joyous and beautiful. It is an endeavour to translate the versatility and omnipresence of love into living well and feeling confident in one’s innate, gifted nature. We do so with our unique apparel and lifestyle offering that are distinct in style and spirit.
Wearing carefully crafted sustainable apparel, and surrounding yourself with ethically sourced and made homeware, make for effortless and timeless living.
Love by Kaveri aspires to see the love and light amidst the shadows that life presents so please join us in our endeavour of Lovely Living!

Our mantra of Love

We derive joy from the little things in life regardless of their stature in nature- from the dance of the trees in the wind, the sunlight that paints itself on our walls through a window to the chirps of the birds in the air and the imprints we leave behind on the sand amongst many things. We marvel, revel and imbibe the beauty of these little intricacies that evoke a sense of calm and contentment. It is through these musings that inspired the birth of an idea and a haven that lends itself to living effortlessly yet with style, and that above all, love starts with you!

For Timeless Living

Influenced by the nautical wonders of the ocean and the shore, our range skirts on the realms of expressive styles paying homage to nature with an abstract finesse; not confined to a singular technique, but a myriad of artistic explorations using an array of sustainable fabrics ranging from cotton, tencel linen and more for the apparel to jute, linen and raffia for a carefully crafted collection of accessories.
Using these artistic expressions, our skilled artisans embolden each piece with a palette of Indian hues, subtle shades, block-resist prints and dip dyes; accompanied by time-honoured craftsmanship to produce casual, free anti-fit silhouettes that celebrate every body shape and size.

Meet the designer

Love by Kaveri is the artistic expression of Lakmé Fashion Week designer and ebullient personality Kaveri Lalchand, Founder of the House of Kaveri. The carefully ideated collection is in essence her love for all things creative and her mantra of inclusivity in that everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful while staying true to their innate nature. Love starts with you! From this ethos has blossomed unique, timeless apparel for women and men alongside homeware that is immaculately crafted by hand using innovative techniques showcasing a myriad of contemporary styles at its finest.